Today, I propose a new term for the Reaction. Islamo-Demotism.

Firstly, what is demotism?

Social matter has a perfect definition:

Rule in the name of the People. Any system of government in which the regime defines itself as representing or embodying the popular or general will can be described as “demotist.” Demotism includes all systems of government which trace their heritage to the French or American Revolutions, including recently existent Communism.

We can define Islamo-demotism as Rule in the name of the Ummah with some resemblance to the Islamic theonomy on the paper, but Islamo-demotism is basically a demotism.

Right now, Turkey is being ruled by a Islamo-demotist, Recep tayyip Erdogan. Sure, under his rule, Turkey became more conservative and that is very good. But, there are grave problems.

First of all, hypocrisy. Since we live under a Demotist regime, The Will of the People (often called as Millî İrade/National Will in Turkish language) trumps over everything. Everything. They always propagate that people can do anything. Until when you will be able to resist people’s will? If/when they want looser abortion laws? Faggotry? Cuckoldry? Incest? How will you resist? With election fraud like you did at referendum? With SADAT, your halfbaked Tonton Macoute?

Second, Turkish demographics is changing against Turks and Kurds. Right now, there are more than three millions of Syrian Arabs living in Turkey. On the other hand, growth rate of Turkish population is 1.35, well below the replacement rate and Kurds’ population rate is higher than Turks.

Third, Islamo-Demotists are actually promoting the demographic extinction of Turks:

  • They bowed down to the EU’s pressure and decriminalized adultery.
  • They did nothing for rising divorce rates. Nowadays it is over 20%. Then, they said a bunch of bullshit.
  • They took three millions of Syrians into Turkey. Since 2011, more than 300.000 Arab babies were born. In universities, Syrians and Afghans are entitled to very generous scholarships, on the other hand, Uyghur refugees have no scholarship. On the other hand, they have no place for 500 Meskhetian Turks. Oh, they said, we can take millions of Arabs, also we are planning to take 2 millions of Afghans and Iranians, but we can’t take 500 Turks. Sorry pal! Oh, I forgot to say, we are instructing Afghan males to go the gyms in order to seduce the Turkish girls (a real claim which I heard from Afghan refugees.)
  • They spent almost 35 billion dollars for Syrians while the Korean War veterans died because of hunger.
  • Like I said earlier, they are preparing for another three million refugees.
  • They try to pacifize the Turkish and Kurdish reactions against refugees with Islamic rhetorics such as we are brothers. Okay, we are brothers. But what will someone do when his brother chimps out and attacks his family and/or his property?

I guess Erdogan and his henchmen became the Turkish counterparts of Kennedy/Johnson and their Brahmins. I was expecting a Western puppet but this is too much.

Anyway, live like a leftist, act like a leftist, perish like a leftist.


How My Ancestors Thought About the Modernity?

At the first half of the 19th century, (more specifically at 1848, just after the 1848 Revolutions) an Ottoman citizen called Ahmed Cevdet went to Bucharest. He was a messenger and lower rank of a diplomat. He had assigned to deliver a message to a high-ranking Ottoman statesman from the Grand Vizier of the Ottoman empire. He was born at 1822, in a Turkish family from Lovech, a city at present day Bulgaria. He learnt Arabic language, Bulgarian language, and fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) at Lovech. Then, he was sent to Istanbul to study in the Istanbul madrasas. In Istanbul, he learnt Persian language, French language, logic, geometry, algebra, then became a state official. He died on 25 May 1895.

He was an erudite Ottoman citizen. He was a poet, translator (translated Ibn Khaldun’s Muqaddimah into Turkish language), official historian of the Ottoman court, an Islamic jurist, governor, pedagogue, professor at Istanbul law school, diplomat, state inspector, army general, a member of Council of State of the Ottoman empire, Minister of Trade of the Ottoman empire, Minister of Justice of the Ottoman empire, Minister of Islamic endowments, grammarian, and lexicographer. He codified the Sharia as a civil code. Also, he was the father of Fatma Aliye, one of the first woman writers and feminists of the Muslim world. Furthermore, one of his granddaughters became a Catholic nun, unfortunately.

He went to Bucharest, and he started to talk with every kind of people at Bucharest in order to learn about Bucharest’s society. He was curious about Western society at large. He saw it, he didn’t like it.

Let me show you what an Ottoman intellectual wrote about the Western society, specifically relations with the opposite sex. I translated a beautiful and colorful passage into English:

“I assume that (in Bucharest) nobody had heard about the words of virtue, chastity, decency, and honor from their fathers, grandfathers, and great-grandfathers and so on! There is no tradition of shame, and jealousy between husbands and wives. Every women and men can see and talk with anybody they like, plus there are no barriers and difficulties. If a woman is together with her lover at her bed, her husband would not go into their room, in order to not disturb them! Dating (he used a word which means to speak and to date; but actually he meant to hook, to fuck with) with women became a vile job, and there is no ambition and desire for decent and sane relationships.

I could not believe that. I thought that was special for Bucharest. I saw a Frenchman whom I knew and asked him: Is dating with women THAT libertine in France too? He said, far from it! In France, women are free too, but they are under a masquerade of decency and chastity. In here (Bucharest), people are freer, because masquerade had ended and everything had revealed.”

A Rape Apology

O you who have believed, be persistently standing firm in justice, witnesses for Allah , even if it be against yourselves or parents and relatives. Whether one is rich or poor, Allah is more worthy of both. So follow not [personal] inclination, lest you not be just. And if you distort [your testimony] or refuse [to give it], then indeed Allah is ever, with what you do, Acquainted.

Quran, 4:135

Two weeks ago, among a Kurdish/Turkish Spring attempt, and constant bombings, something (another) terrible happened in Turkey. In a small city named Karaman, which is a conservative city, an Islamic foundation named as Ensar Foundation (a foundation which is dedicated to instill Islamic values via education, also which has significant connections with Erdogan family and the ruling party of Turkey, the Justice and Progress Party.), a teacher has raped 45 boys. The boys are primary school students and their ages change between 9-10.

But that was just the beginning. According to the prosecutor, the accused one had raped a lot of children since 2014. The worse thing is according to the foundation and Turkish Ministry of Education, he is a very successful class teacher and well-known conservative figure at the city of Karaman. Also, this is not the first time that Ensar Foundation is accused with rape incidents.

Things got even worser. The government (Ministry of Justice) had acted like there is something to protect, and issued a gag order. After that, the Ensar Foundation begun to vehemently reject the rape incident. As if this weren’t enough, the Ministry of Justice had attempted to relieve the prosecutor from his duties, but stepped back because of reactions from public.

What are you trying to hide away?

According to Turkish Legal Medicine Association, 10 of these poor children has symptoms of rape, but we don’t know about the other poor children, because of the gag order. Also, some family members said that the government had not allowed the other children to be examined, if this accusation is true, there is a very serious problem.

Also, there is a massive backlash from the pro-government side. A representative from the Justice and Progress Party claimed that there were no rapes, one day later another one admitted the rape, but according to him, perpetrators were leftists. At the same time, government affiliated social media accounts claim that rapist teacher is a member of the Gulenist movement.

Choose now ladies and gentlemen; did it happened, or not? And who did this? Leftists, Gulenists, or both?

After that, the State actively tries to prevent the flow of information. Another Justice and Progress Party representative declared that he is sided with Ensar Foundation even if they raped all children at their foundation. Another one decried that even if the foundation re-admits the incident he still would not believe it.

It is not over yet. Sena Ramazanoglu, the Minister of Family and Social Policy, had actively defended the Ensar Foundation. She said:

They (i.e. the opposition) try to interrelate this incident with a foundation which they make us proud with their work. This incident, no matter it is tragic, can not be a reason for denigration of our foundation.

Mrs. Minister, What are you try to hide? We know that Ensar Foundation has accomplished some important things at Turkish education, and it is a deep-rooted foundation, nevertheless there is an admitted rape case, and the rapist was arrested.

But the problem is (y)our government try to cover up something extremely terrible.

Is there a group of rapists lurking behind the doors?

Are hundreds of children has been abused?

Why you issued a gag order?

Why you tried to relieve prosecutor from his duties?

Why you rejected a notice of motion about the investigation of this tragic incident with your votes at the Turkish assembly?

Then why you suddenly, but hesitantly accepted the opposition’s offer to create a commission for investigation?

Why you pressured against the victims’ families to step back in return of 10.000 Turkish Liras (about 3.500 US Dollars)?

Why governor of Karaman and director of education of Karaman stated that they could not talk no matter it becomes worse?

Your followers would attack us with that we should not expose our fellow’s Muslims’ sins. As a Muslim, I have not to expose my fellow Muslim brothers’ and sisters’ (even non-Muslims if necessary) sins. But, I can not hide the truth, I can not cover up.

Nonetheless, okay, I will not ask these questions. I shall only ask one question only:


Our prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said:

The one who withholds the truth is a mute devil.


P.S: They just gave to Turkish leftoids a great excuse to attack Turkey and Islam. Look at the Twitter hashtags of StopChildRapeInTurkey and ChildAbusersProtectedInTurkey

Traps and Swords or The Turkish Spring

Converte gladium tuum in locum suum. Omnes enim, qui acceperint gladium, gladio peribunt.

“Return your sword to its place, for all who will take up the sword, will die by the sword.”

وَمَكَرُوا وَمَكَرَ اللَّهُ وَاللَّهُ خَيْرُ الْمَاكِرِينَ

“And the disbelievers schemed, and Allah schemed against them: and Allah is the best of schemers.”

Quran 3:54


Yesterday, there was another explosion at Ankara happened near the headquarters of Turkish military and the main building of Ministry of Interior. A car bomb with at least 1000 kilograms of explosives (a source had claimed that it was more than two thousand kilograms), have been exploded at the middle of the road when military and civilian personnel were going to their homes with military vehicles.

At least 28 people died (according to some rumors, more than 50 people died, and one of them was a high-ranking Turkish military official), and 61 people injured (these rumors claim that more than 200 people were injured). And I survived from these bomb attack with fate, I was walking from there ten minutes before the explosion. And the explosion had been heard from more than five kilometers.

Typical for Turkish government, a publication ban issued almost immediately, Twitter and Facebook banned temporarily and the Internet has been slowed down by the initiative of government.

It is significant that these happened after Turkish military’s attack towards Kurds. Also, Turkish military began to deploy tanks and APCs to the Syrian border yesterday, furthermore, both Turkish government and military constantly declare that they would not allow Kurds to take Azez and some other towns in Northern Syria. All factions of Turkish military, especially Pan-Turkist faction of Turkish military (I mentioned about three different factions of Turkish military at here ) are eager to prevent Kurdish advances at Northern Syria, which is a legitimate reason for Turkish military and state, since a Syrian Kurdistan would circle Turkish borders with a hostile nation, and sever the connection between Syrian Turkmens (they are quite ineffective until now, thanks to Turkish diplomatic mistakes) and Turkey.

As a former member of Turkish military (I had to serve at the Turkish military thanks to conscription as a reserve officer, that would be the theme of another article), I can say these, below there my impressions:

  • First, and the most important one; The Arab Spring (or should I say, Turkish Spring?) had definitely begun in Turkey, for now, Turkish state apparatus is handling it remarkably well.
  • Second, Turkish military would not give up, they would carry on their offensive against Syrian Kurds, and if they had to attack Syrian soil with land forces, they also want to fight against ISIS. (Despite the widespread impressions, Turkish military is not supporting the so-called Islamic state, and the ISIS declared Turkish army and the members of Turkish armed forces as apostates at Dabiq [a journal of ISIS which is aimed towards international community], Kostantiniyye [ISIS journal in Turkish language and aimed towards Turkey] and numerous Twitter accounts affiliated with ISIS. Also, even in their jihad manuals they mentioned Turkish army as the army of pigs)
  • Third, I also don’t think that Erdogan would give up, allowing the Kurds to win at Northern Syria would stir up Kurdish resistance at Turkey, already 309 Turkish security personnel died (I hope they are martyrs) at last nine months. Erdogan also planning to create a presidential system in Turkey with full powers, and he needs Turkish nationalist votes and/or Kurdish votes (It is almost impossible for him to win over secularist votes) in able to carry out that task. Erdogan also knows that Kurds in Turkey would kneel before the more powerful one, and if he can do that, he definitely knows that he would gain many Kurdish votes at the possible presidential referendum at 2017 (the date is my estimation.)
  • Fourth, Kurds are playing with fire and trying to create a state for them. And they think that they can take some of the lands of Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Armenia (many Kurdish nationalists claim some lands from Armenian side of Armenian-Turkish border.). At the long-term; given the birthrates of Kurds, they could have a demographical advantage (at least in Turkey), but they have circled by hostile people: Kurds are even at bad terms with Yazidis and Assyrians, they are at odds with Turks, Syrian Arabs, Azerbaijanis, Iranians, Iraqi Arabs (both Shia and Sunni Arabs). I think that Kurdish elites went all-in, or seriously thinking about going all-in. One last word: If they don’t win, that fire would burn Kurds, and remember: Allah is the best schemer.

Edit: Prime Minister of Turkey, Davutoglu claimed that the perpetrator of the attack was a 24 year old Kurdish guy named as Salih Neccar. According to him, Salih was a member of YPG and he was from Amuda province of Syria.

An Open Letter to Turkey

Many things occurred in Turkey since November elections. After I saw and read this and that last month, I have decided to write an open letter (also a rebuke and show of contempt) to Turkey, my country and to Turkish citizens. Actually, I wrote in Turkish, and I deemed as necessary to translate in English. I will also publish the original (i.e. Turkish) version of it.


ALL HAIL AND KNEEL BEFORE THE PROGRESSIVE TURKEY, which is the most modern and progressive Muslim nation, the most gay-friendly Turkic nation, the only Muslim nation which allows to making a porn movie and made a university thesis with this movie.

ALL HAIL THE TURKISH PROGRESSIVES, who adopted and translated French progressives’ most important warcry, which is Liberté, égalité, fraternité. ALL HAIL THEM, because they translated the most important Progressive proto-agitprop into Turkish language.

These guys have succeeded to dethrone 3 Ottoman sultans (they killed one of them, second one became mentally ill because of fear, the other one reigned, also resisted 33 years, but at the end, he was exiled) in order to create a westernized society. ALL HAIL THEM, because they could advocated extramarital sexual intercourse (which is adultery) at the end of the 19th century at a Muslim society! HAIL THEM, because they succeeded to create a progressive education system in Ottoman Empire, and poisoned last Ottoman generations. HAIL THEM, because modern Turkish education system is still running according to that system.

Look at the eternal heroes, they are creating the Oriental version of Revolutionary France, the most perfect thing.

Look at the eternal heroes, they are creating the Oriental version of Revolutionary France, the most complete thing.

ALL HAIL THE TURKISH PROGRESSIVES, with their revolutionary zeal, and their naïvety, they managed to turn the Ottoman empire from a state which had lands in three continents into a shadow of its past in just fifteen years. HAIL THEM, they turned the Anatolia into a slaughterhouse, killed (with the support of ordinary Muslim people of course) hundred of thousands of Armenians and Greeks, tens of thousands of Kurds, Assyrians, Arabs and Turks. Executed a generation of Arab intellectuals in Syria (nevertheless, it was a intra-Cathedral conflict, because most of these executed were also progressives). HAIL THEM, cause they converted Turkish people and state, which was the sword and shield of Islam into cuckold of Islam! HAIL THEM, because their successor, Mustafa Kemal (Atatürk) could able to create a progressive Turkey.


Article 81 of Turkish Constitution. Members of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, on assuming office, shall take the following oath:
”I swear upon my honour and integrity, before the great Turkish Nation, to safeguard the existence and independence of the state, the indivisible integrity of the Country and the Nation, and the absolute sovereignty of the Nation; to remain loyal to the supremacy of law, to the democratic and secular Republic, and to Atatürk’s principles and reforms; not to deviate from the ideal according to which everyone is entitled to enjoy human rights and fundamental freedoms under peace and prosperity in society, national solidarity and justice, and loyalty to the Constitution.”

*Law Number 5816 is the Law against the denigration of Atatürk’s legacy

HERE COMES ATATÜRK, THE PROPHET OF THE TURKISH PROGRESSIVE STATE RELIGION, SAINT OF CATHEDRAL, with his holy book , and his Ten Commandments . HAIL THE ATATÜRK, WHO IS OMNIPOTENT AND OMNIPRESENT! WE ARE WORSHIPPING TO YOU! (Believe or not, a Turkish poet (aka lap-dog) named as Aka Gündüz, a staunch Kemalist and a popular poet and novelist of his time, wrote this sentence, unfortunately, it is not a product of my imagination)

HERE COMES ATATÜRK, the forbidder of Turkish classical music (at the late 1930s, the traditional Turkish music has been banned on Turkish radios and repertoires). HERE COMES THE ARCH-REFORMER.

The Great Prophet kills the evil forces with the sword of Revolution!

The Great Prophet kills the evil forces with the sword of Revolution!


Today, I HAD TO ask the Turkish nation:

  • Did you forget that our ancestors had to wear women’s hats, in order to avoid from repercussions, when the hat law passed in 1925?
  • Did you forget that in 1934, Kemalist government forbade the traditional religious garments?
  • Did you forget the last Sultan, who died at Italy as a poor, debt-ridden guy?
  • Did you forget the other members of the Ottoman dynasty who were banished outside of Turkey?
  • Did you forget the Turkishness policy? An ethnic Syrian Turkmen is not a Turk, but a Circassian who does not speak Turkish, nor wanted to becoming a Turk, is a Turk.
  • Did you forget the Protestantization Attempts of Islam, when some madmen put pews and organs at the some mosques at the late thirties, and claim Muslims must pray like protestants?
  • Did you forget about the switching to the Latin Alphabet, when the prime Minister and Second Man of Atatürk, İsmet İnönü , said they switched the alphabet, just because the connection between Oriental (read as Islamic) culture and Turkish society must be severed?
  • Did you forget the closure of Madrasahs and khanqahs?
  • Did you forget this poor girl?
  • Did you forget the 12-year-old boy, who was raped and killed by three other boys two weeks ago?

What are your answers? If you answer these questions with yes, you are a progressive shithead. If your answers are a bunch of no’s, join the ride.


We live in an open asylum. There is a violent fight at the halls of state, the Turkish conservatives and Islamists are trying to completely control the Turkish state machine, the Turkish progressives try to capture the strongholds of the Turkish right. Even, Noam Chomsky acknowledged this conflict.

On the other hand, we live in a quasi-psychotic dictatorship. Our President, Erdoğan, an Islamo-Putinist according to Antidem, is trying to keep up with the Putins. Even, without Erdoğan, we live in a country which has mandatory military service, high direct and indirect taxes, one of the meanest gun-prohobition laws in the Old World. Also no homeschooling. Even the distance education systems are under the state control. Worse, until few months ago, even the Islamic marriages without the state marriages were not valid.

Okay, where is the roadmap?

Here is a nice roadmap for long term, with a sauce of larping of course:

  1. Turkish Republic must be abolished. Ottoman dynasty must return the power.
  2. Ottoman Sultan is also the legitimate Caliph, some people should remember this.
  3. Abolish the Grand Assembly of Turkish Nation. All former parliamentarians should retire with full benefits unless they take part in some conspiracy to bring back the Republic.
  4. Abolish all political parties. Head political figures should be free, but should be watched closely nevertheless. If they try to do something in order to bring back the Republic, they should be punished accordingly.
  5. Abolish all Non-Governmental Organizations, and deport foreigners who involve with these NGOs.
  6. Unfortunately, high-ranking officers are mostly composed of Kemalists, purge them, if necessary create a new armed force, look at the example of Iran, Army of the Guardians of the Ottoman Restoration could be a suitable name.
  7. Ask Kurds to give their allegiance to the Ottoman Sultan. If they reject that, military and paramilitary operations against Kurds must begin, and continue until they accept the authority of Sultan.
  8. Above mentioned must be applied to Kemalists, the Turkish Bourgeoisie and Turkish Alevis.
  9. A complete overhaul of Turkish law system is necessary. Reinstitute Sharia and Turkish traditions as a primary and secondary source for law. Retire all high-ranking judges. Initiate extensive purges on the lower ranking judges.
    1. Forbid alcohol, adultery, drugs, homosexuality, pornography.
  10. All private television channels and their providers must be closed down.
  11. Bring a much harsher censorship policy. A censored internet is necessary. If necessary permanently ban Twitter and Facebook, give incentive for the creation of a Turkish version of Vkontakte and/or QZone.
  12. Institute a workfare system instead of Turkish social security system.
  13. Give the religious endowments (both Muslim and Non-Muslim) back to their guardians.
  14. A complete overhaul of Turkish education system is necessary:
    1. Shutdown all universities for a few years. Purge all leftist academicians and students. After the purge is complete, redesign the university curricula. Permanently shutdown universities with a leftist soul, such as this.
    2. Purge all leftist school teachers. Redesign the school curricula, purge the curricula from the effects of Progressivism.
    3. Switch back the Arabic alphabet, nonetheless, we must sever the connection between Turkish society and Western civilization.

Can Cthulhu Swim in Turkey?

In here, I said that:

The Cthulhu is swimming very fast in Turkey.

In last few days, I noticed that the Cthulhu is trying to swim even faster.

Can it swim that faster?

I had also written on here :

The Cathedral wanted destabilization, the Cathedral achieved it.

Did it achieved?

Yes and no.

Today, 13 policemen had been killed by Kurdistan Workers’ Party , a Kurdish nationalist and leftist terrorist organization. I hope these policemen are martyrs Inshaallah. Yesterday, two soldiers (they are martyrs Inshaallah) killed by PKK, two days ago 16 soldiers killed by PKK, and we even don’t know the real number of killed soldiers.

Since July, more than one hundred Turkish soldiers and policemen have been killed by PKK. And there are widespread protests in southeastern Turkey, which is inhabitated by Kurdish population, and mostly elected mayors from PDP, a progressive and pro-Kurdish political party which has organic connections to PKK. As a reply Turkish Armed Forces, conducted a series of air raids and operations against the PKK and its Kurdish supporters, and the Turkish arrested more than four thousand members of PDP.

At June, we had an election. What we get was a hung parliament. And Erdogan and his party could not accept this fact. Also, Turkish nationalists could not accept that a pro-Kurdish political party got 13 percent of votes in Turkey. Because of that, we will have another election at November.

Today, I really want to hope that things get out of control for the Cathedral.

The Turkish nationalists, who were provoked and get angrier by deaths of soldiers, came to the streets in all over of Turkey since the end of 1990s. The offices belong to PDP were attacked by Turkish nationalists. More than 300 offices were attacked, some of them burned to the ground. The headquarters of PDP was razed by them. The Turkish nationalists erected barricades on the major roads in the Central Turkey, which is a stronghold of Turkish nationalism and Ethnic Turks, and prevented Kurds to go from these roads. The cars and homes that belong to Kurds burned by Turks. A social democratic mayor of the city of Çanakkale beaten by the nationalist because they believed that he is a supporter of Kurds.

In Side , which is a popular tourist destination at Southern Turkey, armed fights between Turks and Kurds begun, also Kurds’ workshops in Side were destroyed. In many cases, The Turkish police is simply can’t prevent the Turkish nationalists, in other cases, they let them. It was a failure for Erdogan and his supporters, since they thought that they could control the Turkish nationalists. But, they turned to them, and accused Erdogan and his party that they collaborated with Kurds.

Many gunshots were heard in Ankara and Istanbul, which is the capital and the two biggest cities of Turkey, even around the Turkish Assembly. And the leader of Turkish nationalists said few hours ago, if necessary they will go to the Presidential Complex and shake the Complex and the Clowns (i.e the President and his supporters) in the Complex. The Prime Minister of Turkey tries to calm down the protests, but he is also failed.

These are interesting and dangerous times for Turkey. Definitely interesting and dangerous.

13th Sunday

We also (sent) Prophet Lut: He said to his people (in Sodom): “Do ye commit lewdness such as no people in creation (ever) committed before you? For ye practise your lusts on men in preference to women : ye are indeed a people transgressing beyond bounds.” And his people gave no answer but this: they said, “Drive them out of your city: these are indeed men who want to be clean and pure!” But we saved him and his family, except his wife: she was of those who legged behind. And we rained down on them a shower (of brimstone): Then see what was the end of those who indulged in sin and crime!

Quran 7:80-84

Yesterday, the 13th Gay Pride in Turkey were held in Istanbul’s Independence Avenue . Aroused and provoked by the latest decision of the Supreme Circus (I mean court) of the United States that transforms all the United States to a gay bar, all faggots of Istanbul came to the streets, despite it had been banned by the governor of Istanbul due to the Ramadan, the holy month of all Muslims.

Good for me and all other Muslims in Turkey, the Turkish Police have intervened their bongo party. The first time for few years, Turkish faggots were beaten, shot with rubber bullets, exposed to capsicum gas etc. Also there are some rumors that some Turkish civilians with clubs hunted some faggots down. Good news!

But, interestingly I am curious about something. This is the 13th gay pride of Istanbul. Which means that they started to going out from the closet in 2002. In the year that a so-called Islamic government began to rule! Okay, let’s not be that tough. In that date, a secular coalition was in power. Also the perverts of Istanbul had started their travesty in 1992.

Nevertheless; Why Erdoğan and his so-called Islamist government did nothing to stop this madness?! They started their prides with a handful of freaks, but nowadays tens of thousands of people are joining the madness. Even some opposition members in the Turkish parliament went to pride and prevented police to do their job.

You had 13 years to change something! 13 fucking years! Your police gave a right but insufficient reaction. You gave a perfect excuse to European faggots for meddling in Turkey’s internal affairs. Now freaks like Lady Gaga are crying at the social media for support her sistren and brethren in Turkey. Perfect! You ignored faggots’ perversion on your election promises, and promised them to protect from so-called discrimination. Now, you try to deceive Turkish proles with your so-called police intervention against homos. You have no different from your counterparts in the United States.

Now some pictures from the 13th gay pride

Turkish faggots

Turkish faggots

Opposition MPs are preventing the Turkish police to do their job.

Opposition MPs are preventing the Turkish police to do their job.

A faggot with his father. On the banner: I am your father and I am with you.

A faggot with his father. On the banner: I am your father and I am with you.

Winner of the Election

Today, Turkish general election is being held, almost 70 percent of the votes had counted according to the different news sources.

The Cathedral had been declared as the winner of this election.

The ruling party, Justice and Progress Party lost its parliamentary majority, Kurdish progressivist party got more than 10 percent, Turkish nationalist party increased its votes, while the main secularist party protected its share of votes.

The Cathedral wanted destabilization, the Cathedral achieved it.

I think that there would be early elections next year.

Turkish Elections

You worship not besides Him except [mere] names you have named them, you and your fathers, for which Allah has sent down no authority. Legislation is not but for Allah. He has commanded that you worship not except Him. That is the correct religion, but most of the people do not know.

Quran, 12:40.

Today, a general election is to be held on Turkey. To be precise, five hours later.

I will not vote at today, and I will never vote.

Before say anything about the elections, first we must meet with Turkish political parties. There would be 31 different political parties, but I will only present five of them. Also 11 parties had not submitted any candidates.

1. Justice and Progress Party

The ruling party of Turkey since 2002. The main party of Islamists and social conservatives. Made some good things, but created a crony capitalism and widespread corruption. They would get the plurality of the votes. They lost some votes because of economic conditions (Turkish economy is not good at that time) and the emerging Kurdish nationalist movement. Conservative Kurds are swinging to the People’s Democratic Party, and conservative Turks to the Nationalist Movement Party and Felicity Party.

2. Republican People’s Party

The main opposition party. The oldest party of Turkey, they were founded before Turkey was founded. The main party of Turkish secularists and Kemalists, and social democrats of Turkey, interesting for a left-wing party, they would get some nationalist votes. Not corrupted like JPP, but anti-Islamist, modernist and Demotist movement. Probably they would gain between 25 and 30 percent of the vote.

3. Nationalist Movement Party

The second opposition party. The main party of Turkish nationalists. It is a coalition between conservative Turkish nationalists, and secularist Turkish nationalists. Probably they get a higher vote than in 2011, between 15 and 20 percent.

4. Felicity Party

The party of hardline Islamists. They would not take any seats at the parliament, because of the ten percent election threshold (the highest in the World.), but they would gain the support some disillusioned JPP voters.

5. People’s Democratic Party

The party of Kurdish modernism. Unfortunately, most of the Kurdish nationalists and half of the Kurds in Turkey became fucking leftists, and they became the fourth greatest political party in Turkey. Also the most of the Marxists of Turkey supports that party. The problem for them is the ten percent election threshold. If they get pass from this threshold, they would get 70 seats in the parliament (Turkish parliament has 550 seats), if they don’t, they would get nothing, but since they are extremely strong in the Southeastern provinces of Turkey, they would create tensions.

The other 26 parties are not important, because they would not get more than one percent of the votes, at best two percent of the votes.

Turkey has two important problems, emerging Kurdish nationalism, and economic problems. But still, I am quite hopeful. Because, Turkish people has lost their hope.

What do I mean?

Turkish people don’t trust to elections, in the last local elections, there were widespread rumors of election frauds, and 29 people were arrested for making election fraud. And according to the polls, almost half of the Turkish people think that this election would be an unfair one. The illusion of demotism had begun to dissipate. And some people began to realize that democracy is a lie, and I saw a monarchist flyer for the first time of my life. I saw some anti-demotist Islamist flyer, but Ottoman monarchist flyer is a new thing for me. I always cried when I saw that flyer.

Keep it up, brothers and sisters.

“So do not weaken and do not grieve, and you will be superior if you are true believers.” Quran, 3:139

Protestantization of Islam

Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn said that in his book Liberty or Equality, there was something decidedly Islamic in original Protestantism.

Now there is something decidedly Protestant (and Puritan) in “original” Islam, at least in Turkey.

In Turkey, there is an Islamic celebration called the Holy Birth Week (Kutlu Doğum Haftası in Turkish language.) since 1989. Every year, in the end of April, many Muslims are celebrating the birth of Prophet Muhammad (peace bu upon him). In 1989, a group of Islamists had created this week to celebrate the birth of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), also to create a new celebration for Islamists, due to the fact that 23rd of April is one of the most important days , of Kemalists, which is the Opening of National Assembly.

These fools wanted to counter the National Sovereignty and Children’s Day with an Islamic celebration day. Just like an Islamic version of Kwanzaa , an unnecessary effort.

I have many objections about that futile effort.

First of all, the exact date of our prophet’s (peace be upon him) birthday is a complicated and controversial thing. Some scholars said that he was born on 20th April 571 AD, but many others refuted this claim and they stated that our prophet Muhammad was born on 17th of June.

Second of all, there are no birthday things in Islam, neither our Prophet’s nor any other Muslims’ birthdays had not celebrated in Islam. The birthdays started to celebrate at the middle of the 19th century by reformist Ottoman Padishah. Christians are celebrating Prophet Jesus’ birthdays, had you became Christians? This is a Bid’ah , an innovation in Islam. Islam does not need any innovations in itself, does not need any reforms, any birthdays. If you want to celebrate a birthday so much, celebrate your birthdays.

Third of all, in Islam, any Islamic days are decided by the Islamic calendar, a lunar calendar. In modern Turkey, however, we use the Gregorian Calendar, a solar calendar. Gentlemen, are you idiots? How can you figure the exact date of an Islamic date, with an un-Islamic calendar?!

Fourth of all, it had been innovated. Ottomans had not celebrated this celebration, Umayyad Caliphate had not celebrated, Abbasid Caliphate had not celebrated too, the Rashidun Caliphate had not celebrated either. Can you show me any Islamic state, other than Modern Turkey (and I am not sure that Modern Turkey can be considered as an Islamic state) What are you trying to do? You are trying to change Islam!

You are trying to inject Protestantism and Puritanism into the Islam itself? When you realize that you are actually harming Islam and Muslims instead of helping that? You Islamic conservatives and Islamists of Turkey, you are no different from the Turkish Progressives themselves. You are no different from the Quranists themselves. Perfect!

Don’t forget that, once you inject something “harmless” to Islam, others would try to inject more dangerous things. You are walking in a sinful road. You had not created that road. But you just cleared a sinful path from its hedges and bushes. Not long after, someone would say that prayers are not mandatory in Islam, uh forgot that, it had been said already. You had become the servants of the Cathedral, and you are dragging the innocent religious masses. You are been poisoning by the poison of Puritanization and Modernization. You have been brainwashed by the Cathedral’s means. You have to try to runaway from this poisoning.