The Reaction from the Orient

Call me a Neo-Reactionary (or NRX) from the Orient. My name is not so important, my thoughts and ideas that I will share here are more important than my name.

Why Orient? I am from the Orient. That’s all. I am from a Middle-Eastern country, so my country is an Oriental country, that makes me an Oriental Neoreactionary. I’m from Turkey. I am a Muslim and an ethnic Turk. I will share some other details for myself, but, don’t wait for me to share my address and my telephone number. Sometimes, I do some grammar mistakes, sorry for that.

Let me ask and answer some questions, then:

Why Neoreaction? Why not one of the so-called ideologies of Turkey? Why, not Islamism, for example, or Socialism, or Kemalism et cetera? Turkey and the Middle East particular, became a shithole. Modernism, Secularism, Republicanism, all of them caused the corruption of the Middle East. Conservativism of the Middle East would not solve anything. There is hardly anything to conserve at the Middle East. Progressivism and its offsprings (Socialism, Communism, Kemalism and Baathism) corrupted everything. Progress in the Middle East is a nickname for Corrosion.

I hear you to say that:

“Why you had not joined the Islamic State and/or any other Islamic organization (terrorist organizations according to their definition)?”


The Islamic State and the other groups are also corrupted (unfortunately). Because the progressivism is a corrosive for the Middle East and they are -no matter how loudly they denied- affected by it. Think like that, If you put a spoonful of wine in a barrel full of sewage, you get sewage. If you put a spoonful of sewage in a barrel full of wine, you get sewage. Islamic groups is the wine (Sorry for the word, I did not want to change the quote), and the Progress is the sewage. Maybe they have some good insights and intentions, but unfortunately they are the part of the Islamic Second Religiousness, and this is not a good thing for us Muslims.

I was a progressive, a staunch Kemalist, but I awoke from the dream, and I saw the real Middle East behind the Masque.

So, let the activism and fight begin.

“So do not weaken and do not grieve, and you will be superior if you are true believers.” Quran, 3:139


15 thoughts on “The Reaction from the Orient

  1. “Maybe they have some good insights and intentions, but unfortunately they are the part of the Islamic Second Religiousness, and this is not a good thing for us Muslims.”.

    could you elaborate this? what is “Islamic Second Religiousness”, and why is it a bad thing?


    • When I said “Islamic Second Religiousness”, I referred to Oswald Spengler’s concept of the “Second Religiousness”. According to him, when a culture begins to decline, a new kind of religiousness appears, but this religiousness is a naive and superficial thing. It accomplishes nothing, and it wastes the energy of the religions and its believers. Religiousness is a very good thing certainly, but this kind of religiousness is not a good thing for us. We are wasting our time, our energy and our power. And because of this, the modernity is taking root in our lands.

      By the way, when “I say they” I am not only referring Islamic State and other organizations, I refer to the Islamic movements in a very broad spectrum. This spectrum includes a lot of people, from the Tariq Ramadan of Oxford University and so-called Anti-Capitalistic Muslims of Turkey, to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

      I am planning to write more about the Islamic Second Religiousness.

      By the way, you are the first person who have made a comment to my blog.


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  3. How did you came to Neoreaction? I have Arab and Persian contacts here in the US who are interested in it, but I am quite intrigued as to how a Turk stumbled upon the movement.


  4. Without entering any debate about religion: was not Mohammed’s problem the encroaching Dark Ages upon Arabia from within and without, and he solved it?

    In fact wherever Islam conquered the Dark Age did not take hold?

    Were not his most dread judgements against the Ignorant, not the people of the Book?

    Was not the Ignorance Human Sacrificing Pagans?

    And welcome to neo-reaction.


    • He mostly solved the problem I think. He could able to unite all Arabian tribes at the time, he brought a new religion and he rejuvenated his people. With these, Islam could able to absorb the accumulation of the Greek and Roman civilization to a certain extent. Islam could able to “defeat” Zoroastrianism, Arabic polytheism, and Tengrism, also Islam “shaked” the Orthodox Christianity and Hinduism to the its roots.

      Islam criticized the People of the Book actually, Islam severely criticized the Trinity belief of Christianity. But you are right, Islam mostly criticized the Ignorants.

      Thank you.


    • Thank you. I think that I am one of the few people in Turkey that knows about the Neoreaction. I have told some people about the Neoreaction and one of them is about to be redpilled fortunately, but the others were too much progressive for that.
      And I could not find anything about the Neoreaction at Turkish language internet. I only could find a so-called three-lined criticism written by a Marxoid that say “they’re a bunch of racists” in a Turkish counterpart of Urban Dictionary.


      • Unsurprising. Hopefully you can be Turkey’s Moldbug. Have you considered translating foundational NRx writing into Turkish? A difficult task, without a doubt, but perhaps worth considering. Usually much easier to let the original prophet do the explaining that attempt it yourself. I am considering similar projects in other European languages.


      • >>I will translate the foundational texts of NRx into the Turkish, but first I will write an introduction to NRx in Turkish.

        Both are good goals. Perhaps a good introduction in Turkish with links to translations of foundational texts in Turkish?


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