The Cathedral in Turkey

I needed to have a break. I will not (temporarily of course) write about the Turkish history of modernization. I think that I have to write about the Cathedral in Turkey.

First of all, what is the Cathedral?

The Cathedral — The self-organizing consensus of Progressives and Progressive ideology represented by the universities, the media, and the civil service. A term coined by blogger Mencius Moldbug. The Cathedral has no central administrator, but represents a consensus acting as a coherent group that condemns other ideologies as evil. Community writers have enumerated the platform of Progressivism as women’s suffrage, prohibition, abolition, federal income tax, democratic election of senators, labor laws, desegregation, popularization of drugs, destruction of traditional sexual norms, ethnic studies courses in colleges, decolonization, and gay marriage. A defining feature of Progressivism is that “you believe that morality has been essentially solved, and all that’s left is to work out the details.” Reactionaries see Republicans as Progressives, just lagging 10-20 years behind Democrats in their adoption of Progressive norms.


Taken from

A great definition of the Cathedral. But, we need to ask: How the Cathedral works?

Again, on the, we can find a great infographic.

We can see from this infographic that how the Cathedral works at the West. But, not all of us are living at the West. Some of us are living in the Orient. Thus, we have to find that how the Cathedral works in a different habitat?

I think that in terms of organization, the Cathedral is more flexible than we thought. Unfortunately for us, this quote of Julius Evola is valid for the Cathedral too. The Cathedral is faithful to the principles too.

How the Cathedral formed in Turkey. I prepared a basic infographic about the Turkish Cathedral. A basic table for the Cathedral is much less than enough, but as Neoreactionaries, we need to understand how the Cathedral running around the World.

The Turkish Cathedral


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