An Extended Introduction

My first post begins like that:

Call me a Neo-Reactionary (or NRX) from the Orient. My name is not so important, my thoughts and ideas that I will share here are more important than my name.


Why Orient? I am from the Orient. That’s all. I am from a Middle-Eastern country, so my country is an Oriental country, that makes me an Oriental Neoreactionary. I’m from Turkey. I am a Muslim and an ethnic Turk. I will share some other details for myself, but, don’t wait for me to share my address and my telephone number. Sometimes, I do some grammar mistakes, sorry for that.

I think that it is a good first post, but it needs to be extended. Also I understand from the comments that, that post is too vague for an introduction. So, it needs a successor post. In that post, I will try to make the necessary extension.

 Why I Became A Neoreactionary?

How I Found Out That Something Is Very Wrong In Turkey?

Like I said at one of the comments, I am from a lower-middle/middle class family, but actually eighty, which means that when of the Golden Age of the Turkish republic, my family was an Optimates in a Moldbuggian sense. My family had produced army officers [unlike US Armed Forces, Turkish Armed Forces is highly progressive and under the influence of the Cathedral. I can even say that the Turkish Armed Forces was the most (and it is one of the most) effective weapon(s) of the Turkish Cathedral.], governors, mayors, and representatives. My family is a typical Kemalist one. I was born in Istanbul, but I did not grow up there, nevertheless I was graduated in Istanbul.

Because of my family’s economic issues, I constantly moved to the different cities. Here there I saw kinds of people; Kurds, Alevis, any kind of Turkish Dalits, Helots etc. When I was in the primary and secondary school, Turkish education system is highly progressive, (still it is highly progressive, but its progressivism was a little bit watered-down.), but when I went down to the highschool, I felt a different thing. That was the feeling of the Conservative people. In my previous neighborhood, we can even drink alcohol at the time Ramadan! (That is a thing you must not try at the most of the Muslim countries, including many places in Turkey too.) But, in that neighborhood, you can not even find a drop of alcohol all year!

Something is terribly wrong in Turkey. I knew it from my heart and I realized some of its symptoms, but I could not give a name to this disease. It is everywhere, it is in everyone, including myself and my family.

Turkey is a shitty country, Progressivism is spreading in there, and corrupt anything it touches. Its culture became a shadow of its past. Divorce rates, homosexuality, pedophilia, porn, murders (especially against the women) were skyrocketed. And our leaders are telling us that;

These are the birth pangs of a new civilization. Soon, we will become a member of the European Union. And our pains will vanish!

Interesting words. They are right actually, these were the birth pangs of a new phase of the Cathedral’s plans.

I believed that our leaders’ words. I was waiting a miracle of the European Union. Soon, we will become a part of the European Civilization! We made enough reforms for our modernization. Soon, we will get rid of these Conservatives and we will create a new Turkey! Our struggle will continue until the creation of a Kemalist Turkey. (Now, it sounds like a part of a manifest about the Permanent Revolution, isn’t it?)

Later on, I thought that Kemalist ideology is the main cause of our all problem. I find Islam, and I tried to become a devout Muslim. I quit drinking and smoking. I repented for my all sins. I joined an Islāmic Tariqah. But, the feeling persisted. I was still feeling the problem. Islam in Turkey became corrupted. The Cathedral is the most powerful corrosive thing that you can even imagine. Thanks to the Cathedral, Islam in Turkey became puritanized. The Cathedral had created its own version of Sunni Islam, its Islamic sects, even its own Ulema (Muslim Clergy) and understanding of the Kuran. We are so indebted to you.

After 2012, I was in a quest to find something. I needed something for my inner thought. Life is not only about banging a girl, drinking until you puke. Life is not about an absurd and absolutely fake fight between the Turkish Modernists (Read like Democratic Party), and the Turkish Conservatists (Read like Republican Party). Two failed relations with two Marxoid female beings and rejection from three different Master’s programs made the situation worse.

How I Get Redpilled?

One day at July 2014, I was checking a Facebook page. I saw a (Neo)Reactionary poster of the Radish Magazine on a /Pol/ page.


That was the poster that made the begninning of my redpilling process.

I became shocked firstly. Than, I began to think differently. First, I found the Radish Magazine. And I started to read that. It was very inspirational for me. It is still very inspirational for me.

After that, I found Moldbug, Anissimov, and Antidem. These three bloggers have made me completely redpilled. And, because of them and the Radish Magazine of course, I became a Neoreactionary. Just I said at a different comment, I am reading NRX bloggers since August 2014, and I began to consider myself as a Neoreactionary at December 2014. I decided to write two weeks ago. I am here since January 23rd, and I will stay here Inshallah (if Allah wills).


2 thoughts on “An Extended Introduction

    • Kurds and Turks are different thedes and most of the members of these two thedes don’t want to live together. Kurds have a right to exit, and if they want to use their right and create their state, let them leave. But, their state would probably a progressive one, because the Kurdish Nationalist Movement is a progressive one and they have the guns. Anyway, that’s the Kurds’ choice, not mine.


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