The NRx Translation Project

Since I begin to read the NRx stuff, I realized that the NRx writings are more profound and rhetorical than most of their criticism. On the other hand, this caused some difficulties for me and some other people who I made read the NRx texts. I consider myself as a good English speaker. Nevertheless, it is hard for me to understand many references which I don’t know its sources.

I also consider myself as a Neoreactionary. And I think that Turkey must have more neoreactionaries. Turkey and its people deserves a Muslim and Oriental version of Neoreaction.

That brings us to problem. Like I said at one of my comments, the only definition about the Neoreaction in Turkish language is a three-lined shit written by a Marxoid who wrote that “NEOREACTION IS RACISM!!”. Since we know from the European Union public opinion surveys, only 17% of Turkish citizens know English to make a conservation, and I think that this percent is a “bit” exaggerated. In order to tell the Turkish speakers about the Neoreaction, I need some Turkish texts.

The main point is, I am beginning to a translation project for the foundational NRx texts. I will translate many NRx texts into Turkish language. I know that this can be a daunting job for one person, nonetheless I would try.

Which texts are to be translated?

At the first phase, my writings in English, at the second phase, texts in the Reactionary Canon , at the third phase, some other works of some NRx, I had not compiled a list for the third stage yet.

Feel free to give advice and article list for translation.


2 thoughts on “The NRx Translation Project

  1. A lot of the issue that you face is that even with the ‘canonical’ texts, you are addressing western neoreaction. Much of what you translate will not necessarily translate directly into the near eastern neoreaction you seek.

    You may find Evola useful. ‘Principles of Neoreactionary Thought’ probably transfers well as a starting point.

    Best wishes as you seek to translate not merely texts but a system of thought into another language, another heritage, another culture. Two things: dig deep into your own past more than you do our present; seek truth — a lack of deception — in all things.


    • Thanks for your reply.

      Principles of Neoreactionary Thought can be a good starting point.

      I am reading Evola right now, and I think that it is very influential on me, but the problem is that only two books of Evola (Revolt Against the Modern World and Mask and Face of Contemporary Spiritualism) had been translated into Turkish, and it is very hard to find these books. Because of this, an average Turkish reader does not know about Evola.

      You are right, the present Neoreactionary thought is about the West (i.e. Christianity). Some aspects of neoreaction may be invalid for a Muslim country like Turkey.

      For example; Turkey has a very different aristocracy and rule of succession than the Western Europe. In case of a Muslim Neoreactionary state, some of the ideas of NRx about the aristocracy cannot be implemented.

      I also know that I cannot translate all of the NRx Canon into Turkish. My plan is to translate some of the basic works into Turkish. If/When NRx starts to make noise in Turkey, others would translate the rest of it.


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