Fingers and the Sharia

An interesting title, isn’t it?

That title comes from a Turkish proverb:

The finger that was cut by the Sharia does not hurt.

This proverb is the Turkish version of this:

One does not fear a punishment that is just.

A horrible and blasphemous thing happened in Turkey. Last day, a tormented body of a 20-year-old girl found near to a highway at Southern Turkey. The forensic medics said that first she was raped, then she was beaten until death and her body was burned (This link is written in Turkish language.).

Later investigation found that she was a university student who had gone missing three days earlier. She get on a bus to back to her home and the bus driver, his co-driver (also his son), and his friend raped her and killed her.

Unfortunately for the girl and her family, there is no capital punishment in Turkey, and at the best case the murderers would get a lifelong sentence, at the worst case, they would get out after a few years.

The poor girl’s family wanted justice for their daughter. Some people who are living at the town that this terrible thing happened, also wanted justice for this girl and attempted to lynch the perpetrators, the perpetrators were rescued by the police. Since the Turkish police is a means for the Turkish state and the Turkish Cathedral, the Cathedral saved the perpetrators.

The family want justice but at the same time they know that they can not get their justice. They want a “vengeful” justice, but they would get an “incentive” justice, a “rehabilitative” justice.

There is a problem at this case; The justice. The Turkish judicial system is terrible. It is an imitation of the Continental Civil Law. It was imposed upon a Muslim population whose law is primarily based on the Sharia and secondarily based on the traditions of Turkish and other thedes of the Ottoman empire.

We have a Western judicial system, but we don’t believe or trust this system. We don’t trust this system, because this system does not suit our needs. We don’t need Western-educated judges who wear black robes with fancy-colored collars that change according to specialties of these judges (Turkish judges wear black robes and every kind of judges wear differently colored collars.). We need judges who can execute Sharia rules swiftly. We need judges who can bring “vengeful” justice. We need judges who can punish these kind of rapists and murderers according to our traditions and Sharia. The justice must be an avenger, not a rehabilitator.

That poor girl’s soul deserves a justice which is a part of our beliefs. Turkish people don’t believe their justicial system, and their justicial system doesn’t include their beliefs. Our strife, as Muslims, must be for a judicial system which was created by our beliefs, not a Western judicial system imposed by a bunch of Westernizing Modernists! We will reintroduce and reinstitute the Sharia law for our countries, not Western laws, not the laws of so-called Islāmic organizations!

Our fingers hurt too much.


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