Turkish Miniskirts

Turkish Miniskirts? Is that a new brand of miniskirts?

No, I am not talking a specific kind or brand of miniskirts that have been wear by Turkish women.

I am talking about this; few days ago, bunch of Turkish men (read as betafags) wore miniskirts to protest (they could only come up with this: protesting with women’s clothing) to response to a brutal murder of a poor woman . Anyone remembered her?

Anyway, I saw this three days ago. In the beginning, I was not going to write anything about this travesty, but when I saw some of these creatures who are inferior than animals (this is a definition from the Holy Quran) at my university than I went full berserk. I had thought that I must write a post about them.

These idiots definitely thought that wearing their girlfriends’ or sisters’ dresses is the most complete way of making a protest, probably even more complete than Yuri Boyka’s fighting skills .

But the truth is these men are the greatest dickheads and idiotic pussy chasers that anyone can find in Turkey. Gentlemen, (while I consider that these men are not deserving to be called with a proper addressing title like gentlemen; for me the correct way to address them in Turkish is that .

Now, let me try one more time:

Listen up, pussy chasers! (Read as gentlemen)

This poor girl has been murdered while she was protecting her decency. She tried to protect her chastity, she was not one of that kind of indecent girls fuck with any men. First of all, you need to figure out this.

Second, we all know that why are you clowning around (somehow, you believe that this was a protest). You are chasing females with your sickly ways of protesting against a tragedy. You are “protesting” a murder and a rape attempt with dressing like indecent women in order to get laid with a sex-positive feminazi whore who was infected with STD. You are “protesting”, because you are defending adultery. You defend miniskirts, adultery, and every kinds of vices!

This poor girl is turning in her grave because of your actions! Well done!

Gentlemen, let me give you an honest advice, as you wore miniskirts for protesting. Please do not remove these on your bodies. You desecrated a girl’s memory and our values. Maybe if you continue to wear these on, some women would not wear these anymore, since you desecrate anything that you touch.


2 thoughts on “Turkish Miniskirts

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  2. Impassioned and correct. I grieve for the poor girl who tried to protect her honor and was killed for it. Very unfortunate some people use this as an opportunity for self-aggrandizement and debasement.

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