13th Sunday

We also (sent) Prophet Lut: He said to his people (in Sodom): “Do ye commit lewdness such as no people in creation (ever) committed before you? For ye practise your lusts on men in preference to women : ye are indeed a people transgressing beyond bounds.” And his people gave no answer but this: they said, “Drive them out of your city: these are indeed men who want to be clean and pure!” But we saved him and his family, except his wife: she was of those who legged behind. And we rained down on them a shower (of brimstone): Then see what was the end of those who indulged in sin and crime!

Quran 7:80-84

Yesterday, the 13th Gay Pride in Turkey were held in Istanbul’s Independence Avenue . Aroused and provoked by the latest decision of the Supreme Circus (I mean court) of the United States that transforms all the United States to a gay bar, all faggots of Istanbul came to the streets, despite it had been banned by the governor of Istanbul due to the Ramadan, the holy month of all Muslims.

Good for me and all other Muslims in Turkey, the Turkish Police have intervened their bongo party. The first time for few years, Turkish faggots were beaten, shot with rubber bullets, exposed to capsicum gas etc. Also there are some rumors that some Turkish civilians with clubs hunted some faggots down. Good news!

But, interestingly I am curious about something. This is the 13th gay pride of Istanbul. Which means that they started to going out from the closet in 2002. In the year that a so-called Islamic government began to rule! Okay, let’s not be that tough. In that date, a secular coalition was in power. Also the perverts of Istanbul had started their travesty in 1992.

Nevertheless; Why Erdoğan and his so-called Islamist government did nothing to stop this madness?! They started their prides with a handful of freaks, but nowadays tens of thousands of people are joining the madness. Even some opposition members in the Turkish parliament went to pride and prevented police to do their job.

You had 13 years to change something! 13 fucking years! Your police gave a right but insufficient reaction. You gave a perfect excuse to European faggots for meddling in Turkey’s internal affairs. Now freaks like Lady Gaga are crying at the social media for support her sistren and brethren in Turkey. Perfect! You ignored faggots’ perversion on your election promises, and promised them to protect from so-called discrimination. Now, you try to deceive Turkish proles with your so-called police intervention against homos. You have no different from your counterparts in the United States.

Now some pictures from the 13th gay pride

Turkish faggots

Turkish faggots

Opposition MPs are preventing the Turkish police to do their job.

Opposition MPs are preventing the Turkish police to do their job.

A faggot with his father. On the banner: I am your father and I am with you.

A faggot with his father. On the banner: I am your father and I am with you.


12 thoughts on “13th Sunday

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  2. It’s a good start on ridding Turkey of this cultural virus, but look at what the Russian methods have achieved. There are virtually NO events like this in Russia now. If some Reactionary elements in the Turkish government could push for even harsher measures, first the crowds would reduce, then you could mop up the hardline ideologues. They’re easier to remove without the large crowd of ‘on the fence supporters’.Turkey should follow Russia’s lead, and then take it to the next extreme.

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    • Very good idea, actually I suspect that the Reactionary elements of Turkish government have begun to execute a similar plan.

      Here’s what happened to the faggots at Turkey;

      In Southern Turkey (in the city of Adana), the president of a LGBT association was raped, beaten and robbed by three men. The police seen it, but they didn’t intervened.

      2. A smaller gay pride in Northwestern Turkey (in the city of Bursa) was attacked by a mob armed with stones. Three people injured.

      3. Threat letters have been sent to all LGBT Associations in Turkey.

      4. Turkish General Staff have declared again that all homosexuals in the Turkish Army will be purged.

      5. At the two Turkish cities, (Ankara and Istanbul, which is the capital of Turkey and the biggest city of Turkey respectively) a group called the Young Islamic Resistance which is supported by the Turkish government put up some posters that says “Kill All Faggots!”

      6. An openly lesbian teacher have been fired by the Turkish Ministry of National Education. The Ministry also declared that they will fight against the homosexuality.

      I really suspect and hope that Turkish government have begun to follow Putin’s steps.


      • Thank you for the ‘on-the-ground’ details. Never forget the importance of ‘NGO’s in this kind of filth. Outwardly innocent non-profit and charity groups from countries like Norway and Sweden use very covert methods to aid these kinds of agenda, which is why they were all thrown out of Hungary recently. It’s not so much the openly promotional organizations that form the roots of the problem, it is the covert actors, the embassy staff, things like that.

        Turkey is on a positive trajectory hopefully.

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    • While I admit that Muslim nations have some amount of pederasty, I don’t think that it is prevalent.

      True, Pakistan has its gay porn issue. Afghans, Pakis, and Uzbeks has a tradition called Bacha bazi;


      Also Turks have a similar tradition.


      The problem is that they became more visible. These filthy things were existed in the ruling elites, not ordinary people. The people who had acted these shits kept in their circles, and had not allowed these shits to become widespread.

      What would I do if I rule? I would definitely ban these practices, and if an incident happens in public, or if an incident occurred in private had been uncovered, I would punish immediately and swiftly. But, I think that these shits would survive anyways.


      • Considering that homosexuality is penalized very often via the mechanisms of disease. It may be more effective at putting an end to the practice the official death penalty. It is also interesting that many tribal cultures before contact with modernity did not have homosexuality at all of which they did not have a word for.


      • The problem is that we know from the historical records that homosexuality existed in the Ottoman empire and other Muslim states.

        But, neither the Ottoman Empire nor the others encouraged it. They actively suppressed, gave effective punishments; for example, the mildest punishment was public beating in the Ottoman empire, and occasionally death penalty. And when they retreated to underground, state officials turned a blind eye.

        Actually the official death penalty would be a very effective solution, but throughout the history, some Islamic scholars and jurists in every era opposed death penalty for homosexuals. I still think that the public death penalty must be applied to the openly homosexuals.


      • The Ottomans were Hanafis, and I believe Imam Abu Hanifa, unlike the other great imams of fiqh, made a distinction between vaginal and anal sex in regards to punishing zina (unlawful intercourse). According to the Sharia, only zina committed by a “muhsan” (a free Muslim who has consummated a marriage with another free Muslim) is punishable by death. For us Hanafis, anal sex does not qualify as being zina in the legal sense, and therefore gay sex can only be punished by non-lethal punishments (such as beatings, fines, imprisonment).

        In any case, it is not necessary for an Islamic polity to remove all instances of homosexuality. As long as people sin in private, it is of no real concern for the state. However, the LGBT movement is less about sinful pleasure than it is about open rebellion against proper morality. The sin of the gay pride movement is not their zina or their homosexuality (which can be easily forgiven), but their kufr and open hatred for the ahkam of Allah azawajal (which is infinitely more evil than zina could ever be. The fact that Muslim countries have rampant homosexuality is not really an issue, since they dont take pride in it, nor do they deny its forbidden status in Islam.

        It is a good thing that Erdogan is beginning to hose down the fags. I can only hope he can get around to executing the secularists and LGBTers for being apostates who have declared war on Allah (and not because they have gay sex, which in the hanafi maddhab is not a capital crime, unlike open apostasy)..


      • True, but don’t forget the hadith of “Whoever you find doing the action of the people of Lut, execute the one who does it and the one to whom it is done” It could be claimed that homosexuals must be killed.

        I am a Hanafi too, and in Hanafis the gay-sex must be punished with tazir (corporal punishment.). However, Kurds of Turkey are Shafii, and Shafii sect punishes homosexuality with death penalty, if the person who had done this are muhsan, they would stoned, if they are not, they would be beaten.

        I would follow the Ottoman way, act according the people’s madhhab (religious sect), punish them accordingly, execute those who have openly propagating homosexuality and providing a place for homosexuals, turn a blind eye after they retreated to the private area.


  3. Also, is Erdogan and the AKP really as bad (from a Muslim reactionary perspective) as you make them out to be? I mean, AKP has not been afraid to take anti-PC stands against gender equality and feminism, and now, they are not afraid to hose down faggots. Could not their relative secularism be due to the fact that they live in a strongly secular Cathedralist regime, and therefore AKP has to pretend to be “moderate” in order to not sound the alarm of the secularists? At the very least, Erdogan, for all his corrupt policies, seems infinitely preferably than the Kemalists, Kurdists, and the fag rightists. It is an absolute shame that such evil could even exist in a great Muslim society like Turkey.


    • “AKP has not been afraid to take anti-PC stands against gender equality and feminism, and now, they are not afraid to hose down faggots.”

      True, but at the same time, they decriminalized and never recriminalized adultery on the basis of reforms for integrity with the European Union.

      “Could not their relative secularism be due to the fact that they live in a strongly secular Cathedralist regime, and therefore AKP has to pretend to be “moderate” in order to not sound the alarm of the secularists?”

      AKP had ruled Turkey for 13 years. Islamists are sitting on the Turkish Parliament since 1973. When they will cease pretending? Second, secularists’ alarm is sounding since 2002. They are more triggered than SJWs.

      “Erdogan, for all his corrupt policies, seems infinitely preferably than the Kemalists, Kurdists, and the fag rightists.”

      True, but Erdogan’s party is full of fag rightists, Kurdists and even Kemalists. They are still some liberals, libertarians and socialists supporting AKP.

      AKP is a party that has Armenian representatives, Armenian advisors, Russian town councillors, British town councillors. Its party programme and election promises have written by a guy who copy-pasted the programme of Conservative Party of Britain and CDU of Germany and switched the words of Christianity, Germany, and Britain with Islam and Turkey respectively. He also declared that AKP is a party like Republican Party and Cosnervative Party. Also, Davudoğlu (the current Prime Minister of Turkey, and probably he would become the next Prime Minister) is purging Erdoğan supporters from AKP. Within a few years Erdoğan would lost control on AKP.


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