Can Cthulhu Swim in Turkey?

In here, I said that:

The Cthulhu is swimming very fast in Turkey.

In last few days, I noticed that the Cthulhu is trying to swim even faster.

Can it swim that faster?

I had also written on here :

The Cathedral wanted destabilization, the Cathedral achieved it.

Did it achieved?

Yes and no.

Today, 13 policemen had been killed by Kurdistan Workers’ Party , a Kurdish nationalist and leftist terrorist organization. I hope these policemen are martyrs Inshaallah. Yesterday, two soldiers (they are martyrs Inshaallah) killed by PKK, two days ago 16 soldiers killed by PKK, and we even don’t know the real number of killed soldiers.

Since July, more than one hundred Turkish soldiers and policemen have been killed by PKK. And there are widespread protests in southeastern Turkey, which is inhabitated by Kurdish population, and mostly elected mayors from PDP, a progressive and pro-Kurdish political party which has organic connections to PKK. As a reply Turkish Armed Forces, conducted a series of air raids and operations against the PKK and its Kurdish supporters, and the Turkish arrested more than four thousand members of PDP.

At June, we had an election. What we get was a hung parliament. And Erdogan and his party could not accept this fact. Also, Turkish nationalists could not accept that a pro-Kurdish political party got 13 percent of votes in Turkey. Because of that, we will have another election at November.

Today, I really want to hope that things get out of control for the Cathedral.

The Turkish nationalists, who were provoked and get angrier by deaths of soldiers, came to the streets in all over of Turkey since the end of 1990s. The offices belong to PDP were attacked by Turkish nationalists. More than 300 offices were attacked, some of them burned to the ground. The headquarters of PDP was razed by them. The Turkish nationalists erected barricades on the major roads in the Central Turkey, which is a stronghold of Turkish nationalism and Ethnic Turks, and prevented Kurds to go from these roads. The cars and homes that belong to Kurds burned by Turks. A social democratic mayor of the city of Çanakkale beaten by the nationalist because they believed that he is a supporter of Kurds.

In Side , which is a popular tourist destination at Southern Turkey, armed fights between Turks and Kurds begun, also Kurds’ workshops in Side were destroyed. In many cases, The Turkish police is simply can’t prevent the Turkish nationalists, in other cases, they let them. It was a failure for Erdogan and his supporters, since they thought that they could control the Turkish nationalists. But, they turned to them, and accused Erdogan and his party that they collaborated with Kurds.

Many gunshots were heard in Ankara and Istanbul, which is the capital and the two biggest cities of Turkey, even around the Turkish Assembly. And the leader of Turkish nationalists said few hours ago, if necessary they will go to the Presidential Complex and shake the Complex and the Clowns (i.e the President and his supporters) in the Complex. The Prime Minister of Turkey tries to calm down the protests, but he is also failed.

These are interesting and dangerous times for Turkey. Definitely interesting and dangerous.


6 thoughts on “Can Cthulhu Swim in Turkey?

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    • Thank you for your condolences.

      Two days ago, two suicide bombing attack have killed 97 and injured 508 people in a legal march which was organized by Kurds and leftists.

      We don’t exactly know who did this. Kurds claim that the Turkish state and government was responsible, The government claims that either the Islamic State, or the radical segments of Kurdistan Workers’ Party, and the leftist claim that it was the Islamic State.

      I have some doubts to be honest. The state banned Twitter and Facebook became extremely slow. Also, the Vice Prime Minister of Turkey issued a temporary ban on Turkish televisions and forbid them to broadcast about this terrorist attack, this order is revoked however. Moreover, the place that the terrorist attack happened, is actually very close to some important government offices, such as the General Directorate of Security and the headquarters of Turkish Intelligence. Is the state is unable to prevent a terrorist attack near its intelligence headquarters? If the answer is yes, it is a terrible thing, if no than it is worse.


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