Today, I propose a new term for the Reaction. Islamo-Demotism.

Firstly, what is demotism?

Social matter has a perfect definition:

Rule in the name of the People. Any system of government in which the regime defines itself as representing or embodying the popular or general will can be described as “demotist.” Demotism includes all systems of government which trace their heritage to the French or American Revolutions, including recently existent Communism.

We can define Islamo-demotism as Rule in the name of the Ummah with some resemblance to the Islamic theonomy on the paper, but Islamo-demotism is basically a demotism.

Right now, Turkey is being ruled by a Islamo-demotist, Recep tayyip Erdogan. Sure, under his rule, Turkey became more conservative and that is very good. But, there are grave problems.

First of all, hypocrisy. Since we live under a Demotist regime, The Will of the People (often called as Millî İrade/National Will in Turkish language) trumps over everything. Everything. They always propagate that people can do anything. Until when you will be able to resist people’s will? If/when they want looser abortion laws? Faggotry? Cuckoldry? Incest? How will you resist? With election fraud like you did at referendum? With SADAT, your halfbaked Tonton Macoute?

Second, Turkish demographics is changing against Turks and Kurds. Right now, there are more than three millions of Syrian Arabs living in Turkey. On the other hand, growth rate of Turkish population is 1.35, well below the replacement rate and Kurds’ population rate is higher than Turks.

Third, Islamo-Demotists are actually promoting the demographic extinction of Turks:

  • They bowed down to the EU’s pressure and decriminalized adultery.
  • They did nothing for rising divorce rates. Nowadays it is over 20%. Then, they said a bunch of bullshit.
  • They took three millions of Syrians into Turkey. Since 2011, more than 300.000 Arab babies were born. In universities, Syrians and Afghans are entitled to very generous scholarships, on the other hand, Uyghur refugees have no scholarship. On the other hand, they have no place for 500 Meskhetian Turks. Oh, they said, we can take millions of Arabs, also we are planning to take 2 millions of Afghans and Iranians, but we can’t take 500 Turks. Sorry pal! Oh, I forgot to say, we are instructing Afghan males to go the gyms in order to seduce the Turkish girls (a real claim which I heard from Afghan refugees.)
  • They spent almost 35 billion dollars for Syrians while the Korean War veterans died because of hunger.
  • Like I said earlier, they are preparing for another three million refugees.
  • They try to pacifize the Turkish and Kurdish reactions against refugees with Islamic rhetorics such as we are brothers. Okay, we are brothers. But what will someone do when his brother chimps out and attacks his family and/or his property?

I guess Erdogan and his henchmen became the Turkish counterparts of Kennedy/Johnson and their Brahmins. I was expecting a Western puppet but this is too much.

Anyway, live like a leftist, act like a leftist, perish like a leftist.


3 thoughts on “Islamo-Demotism

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  2. This is a feature of Sunni Islam, it is inherently democratic and populist, this is how Abu Bakr himself was elected and the Shi’as main objection was that nobility and leadership are inherent qualities with measurable external expressions, and that legitimacy comes from the content of one’s deeds not the opinion of a bunch of corrupt men gathered in a tent. Of course since democracy is highly ineffective, most Sunni states ended up upholding the ideals of monarchism, but still since the original falsehood was always there as a point of historical reference, all attempts at (Sunni) Islamic orthodoxy became globalist, democratic and ultimately, liberal.

    Turks are a warrior-like people and are naturally attracted to strength, that’s why your ancestors converted to Islam, because back then it was a source of strength and cohesion and unity, and that’s exactly why Ata Turk abandoned Islam, because it had become weak, corrupt and retarded compared to the west, so he advocated for blind imitation of west and took it to an almost comical level and did the same thing with modernity Sultan Muhammad Ghaznavi had done with Islam ten centuries earlier. This is also why Turkey is moving away from liberal secularism and returning to Islamism, the liberal west has become unable to draw a line around itself and exclude even the most rabid of its external enemies, it has become so weak that lone wolves armed with nothing but knives can terrorize their entire populations, so Turks, following their natural inclinations, are abandoning the sinking ship once again.

    The means with which a system decides to justify itself are ultimately worthless because a people return to their natural state, in Iran for example, although the establishment puts an insane amount of emphasis on republicanism, Khomeini’s grandson is more influential and popular than many of the elected and selected officials, since Iranians are naturally attracted to hereditary monarchy. In Turkey efficiency has the same spiritual place, that’s why Ata Turk imitated the Anglos when he was forcing modernization on Turkey.


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